National Emergency Warning Systems

Are you prepared?   In times of crisis, it’s the responsibility of governments and emergency agencies to make sure residents and visitors have the information they need to stay safe. The new European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) directive mandates that all EU countries deploy geo-located emergency communications through mobile networks that enable reverse 112 capabilities. The deadline for compliance is June 2022.

Each country in the EU is responsible for complying with the EECC directive and ensuring its citizens and visitors receive emergency alerts, warnings and other life-saving information during critical events.

But diverse populations communicate in different languages, through different media and on varying devices and communications networks.

Instructions, shelter-in-place or evacuation notices may vary based on the scale and location of the crisis.

Genasys NEWS not only meets all the EECC requirements, it offers industry-leading speed, throughput, and reliability.



The Genasys NEWS EECC Solution

The Genasys NEWS EECC Solution

External Data Sources: Weather, Early Warning, etc. Government Agency: Web & Mobile Interface SMS CBC Mobile Carrier: News Alert Delivery Alert Management: News Alert Delivery Social Media: WhatsApp, YouTube,Twitter, Facebook, Mail Voice Calls, SMS (Address) Audible: LRAD Speakers CAP: TV, Radio IPAWS
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The Genasys National Emergency Warning System can be deployed directly on multiple mobile carrier networks across SMS and CBC channels. This allows emergency communications personnel to send life-saving information to anyone, anywhere regardless of whether they’ve opted in to receive urgent notifications.

Messages can be delivered and managed through the Genasys cloud-based command console or mobile app. Dynamic maps, traffic information, weather forecasts, and sensors for earthquakes, flooding, landslides, fires and other IoT capabilities are integrated into the app command console.

The powerful geo-location capabilities of NEWS allow designated emergency management officials to send hyper-specific instructions to people in different areas and monitor their evacuation progress.

NEWS mass notification solution based on the network of mobile carriers.

Reach Everyone

100% of the mobile devices receive NEWS alerts and warnings, even the cellphones of tourists and visitors. No downloads, no configurations, no registrations, or opt-in necessary.


Deliver warnings and alerts only to at-risk populations using NEWS geo-location and geo-fencing. This is key to maximizing attention rate, as people tend to ignore notifications that do not immediately affect them.

Maximize Reliability

With direct access to the mobile carriers, NEWS enables government officials and emergency managers to deliver local, regional or nationwide alerts, warnings and notifications quickly and reliably.

Cross Channel

NEWS delivers notifications via SMS and CBC as well as other communication channels, including social media, radio, TV, mobile apps and LRAD® public safety mass notification speaker arrays.

Reach. Reliability. Speed. That’s Genasys NEWS.

  • Reach Everyone
    • Deliver urgent and life-saving communications to everyone who needs them

    • No app download or device configuration required to receive alerts

    • SMS and CBC channels include everyone in a crisis-affected area, including tourists and visitors

    • Maximum performance and prioritization of emergency traffic to prevent system overloads and delays

  • Multi-Channel Reliability
    • The more channels used the more likely everyone will receive the critical information they need

    • Audible channels: recorded voice calls, LRAD speaker arrays

    • Digital channels: SMS, text, email, in-app messaging, social media

    • Accessible for people with disabilities

  • Total Control & Speed
    • Manage messages and campaigns from a cloud-based command center or mobile app

    • Track delivered messages and messages pending

    • Monitor population density and movements in real time

    • National, regional or municipal system control

  • Open Interoperability
    • Deploy directly in multiple carrier networks

    • Integrate across multiple communication channels, emergency agencies and data sources

    • Support for CAP, WMS, SMPP, SNMP, SMTP and other protocols

    • Integrate with proprietary solutions through open APIs

What Genasys NEWS Customers are saying:

“The ability to know how many people are in a zone is a key feature in managing bushfires.”

- Michael Hallowes, Former National Director of Australia’s Emergency Alert Program

How Genasys Meets EECC Technical Requirements

Genasys NEWS is The Complete Solution to Meet EECC Technical Requirements

Be prepared for the June 2022 EECC technical requirements deadline and for future EECC updates with the sophisticated, proven and comprehensive Genasys NEWS solution.

See how Genasys NEWS meets and exceeds the EECC technical requirements.

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